Airborne Adventures Ltd. was established in 1989, with the happy realisation of a coincidental change in the Air Navigation Order and the development of a talented young balloon Pilot, who unchallenged by his job needed a shot of adventure in his life.

David McCutcheon was in 1989 a hobby balloon Pilot, who had sold his car to finance the purchase of his first hot air balloon. Having received his tuition in the challenging terrain of the Yorkshire Dales, David was soon keen to experience other areas of the U.K. where at social balloon meets he was introduced to fellow balloonists who were soon to become good friends. Travelling around the UK to competitions and balloon meets, soon lead to ballooning in Europe, where Alpine balloon meets and trips to Tunisia, Portugal and Italy lead to a greater understanding of the ideal weather locations for ballooning in Europe. Information and contacts made on these trips were to become key to the later development of Airborne Adventures overseas.

David was keen to put his ballooning skills to use in a competitive environment and so joined the Competitions Club, a section of the British Balloon and Airship club that promoted domestic and International competition. Success soon followed and David became a member of the World Championship team that competed in Japan in 1989. This was however his last international competition as earlier in the year he established Airborne Adventures Ltd. the company that was to give him even greater challenges over the years to come!

Twenty five years on, Airborne Adventures has changed from that early pioneering balloon company based in Skipton, into an international adventures company, still heavily involved in ballooning, but working mainly in Catalonia, an outstandingly beautiful area in the North East of Spain, where talented and friendly suppliers are used to provide accommodation and activities that are individually selected for each group of clients.

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