Overseas Adventures

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Overseas Adventures

Join us on a Balloon trip overseas

The UK weather is not conducive to successful ballooning set in a timetable of events, so our balloon trips are based in Catalonia (North Eastern Spain), where we are able to reliably deliver a fantastic experience in amazing locations.


Our trips take place in a number of ¬†areas of outstanding natural beauty, including; the Montserrat region, the Pre-Pyrenees area of Montsec, the Pyrenees and the Costa Brava. Catalonia was initially chosen because of the excellent weather and the convenience of Barcelona airport, but surprised us most with it’s amazing and diverse scenery.

Comfortable Adventures

We understand that it isn’t always possible to put a group of people together, so we now have our series of Comfortable Adventures available throughout the year. The trips are designed around three couples to make up a small group of six, enabling us to use more luxurious vehicles and a more exclusive range of hotels, restaurants, visits and activities.

Trips for groups

Group trips can be booked at any time of year, subject to availability. Our trips are designed for groups of eight or multiples of eight people. As well as being practical it also produces a good social mix. Our largest single group so far is of 24 people, we look forward to improving on that!