Hot Air Balloon trips for business

Balloon trips for business

The balloon trip has business value on many levels

At Airborne Adventures we are able to work with a selected group of specialists and experts who are able to provide creative and inspiring inputs and development sessions that are aimed at maximising the personal development and potential of your team. We are able to tailor as little or as much development activity as meets your needs.

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Self awareness and Personal Leadership

We are able to provide opportunities for your team to explore and better understand their personality and behaviour. We can also provide a number of personality assessments. We can help your people to gain insight into how others see them and provide strategies for the better management of their personal resources: time, stress and energy levels, assertiveness, resilience and motivation.


Building Effective Teams

We can help you explore how effectively your team works together, their ability to communicate and adapt their communication to meet the needs of different client groups, situations and circumstances. We can assist in developing a high performance winning team, one that inspires and motivates both themselves and others.


Strategy and Leadership

We can support you in developing strategy, leadership and decision making.



A relaxed environment – The trip gives the opportunity for the team to get to know one another, develop ideas, introduce topics, listen to feedback and develop relationships within the team. The shared experience breaks down barriers that lead to better communication, not only between leaders and their teams, but also between one team member and another.


Team Building

Ballooning is an exciting and unusual sport needing a pilot and crew whose co-operation is required. Teams need to work together and support one another while ballooning and during other activities both emotionally and physically. Additional activities are an integral part of our trip experience. The activities are largely chosen to be suitable for all physical abilities in addition to being fun for all concerned.


A powerful incentive

Staff are often rewarded for their success, but staff are seldom rewarded with an experience as unique as the balloon trip. The ballooning incentive is good for morale and staff retention, it is a clear goal for all levels within the business, even for more junior staff members who wish to step up within the business. It is a clear indicator to anyone inside and outside the business that you do things differently.


Remains relevant

As new managers are appointed, promotions take place and others enter the business to positions of trust and responsibility, the ballooning trip remains relevant in its opportunity to mix staff both old and new, leading to a sharing of enthusiasm and knowledge.



For each trip we produce an album of photographs. We ask the trip attendees to leave comments, some of them are amazing, but all of them are positive!