What a great trip. Mixing new managers with experienced ones made our meetings productive and worthwhile, giving the new managers a taste of what to expect and what’s expected. Two fantastic flights for all to enjoy and the activities were also great fun.

- Justin Homer

A huge thanks to David and all the guys from Airborne Adventures for a great trip yet again, the choice of activities and planning that goes into these events is truly flawless.To have business meetings in small groups totally away from the working environment has an incredible affect on the conversations, it’s great to see other managers in the business take this job so personally and that they are every bit as passionate for it as I am.

- Miller Gillespie

Hi David, you should know that the event can only be judged by what people do when they return and what they say. It appears this year’s event is a smash hit! Well done and thank you for the hard work organising and being the shepherd of us cats!
Steve who has earned a CBE (The guy you dropped back to the station) was as impressed as the internal team!
Hope you have recovered!

- Glen Isaacs

What a great trip with my new area colleagues. The meetings we had were very open and honest and I for one got lots of good ideas to take back to my branch. The activities were awesome and very well organised with fantastic people who made us feel very welcome. David our chaperone kept us on time and entertained (except for his taste in music) and made sure our trip was unforgetable.This is why we are part of the best company in the world, as what other company would give their managers the opportunity to go on business trips like this?

- Donald Reid

What a brilliant week we had. The pilots were excellent. I can’t speak highly enough of Dave! The food at the hotel was delicious. On the whole it was a wonderful experience and IF I am invited again I will start to pack straight away!

- Dave Wilkin